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Sirrix.TrustedVPN: The First 3rd Generation VPN Solution

Sirrix re-invents the wheel and is about to change the rules of the VPN game:

  • Sirrix first to combine ultimate security with extreme simplicity within a VPN solution thus setting a landmark for a generation change in this technology
  • Trusted Computing technology in its fullest breadth has left research labs and arrived in a commercial product on the market

The Sirrix.TrustedVPN solution has been designed with two main goals in mind: 1. ultimate security and 2. foolproof administration. Never before, a commercial product has been presented in this market segment which has been comprehensively developed according to the design principles of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) for trustworthy communication devices.
Normally stricter security policies come along with higher administration efforts. Not so with the Sirrix.TrustedVPN solution. In contrast to traditional products, the Sirrix solution is outstanding in operating easiness. A novel user interface focuses purely on trust relationships at meta-level rather than configuring individual device parameters. Thus, mapping a company’s specific requirements for confidentiality is significantly simplified. Any errors/slippages or losses when deriving the right set of configuration details at the lower technical level are completely precluded.
The implementation utilizes an integrated security chip, standardized as “Trusted Platform Module” (TPM). It acts as trust anchor and securely generates encryption key pairs and tamper protects reliably the private key part. Using the TPM as trust anchor enables the Trusted Boot implementation, making it impossible to manipulate the system’s software or to attack its integrity. Finally, the encryption of the firmware and configuration data of the appliance is perfectly protected by the TPM chip.
The presented solution is highly scalable and fits complex environmental requirements like manifold intermeshed networks and mobile users. Especially customers with branch offices in more sensitive areas of the world can defend themselves with the Sirrix.TrustedVPN solution even against massive professional attacks.


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