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Use Cases








Use Cases

The proposed EMSCB architecture allows the realization of a variety of business models relying on distributed trusted third parties, or a considerably more efficient configuration of existing applications:

End-User Security: The platform provides a variety of security properties and security services not offered by the existing computing platforms including secure booting, trusted path, application authentication mechanisms, smartcard support, and least priviledges that are necessary and sufficient aspects for security-relevant applications like secure signature generation including trusted viewer, home banking, eGovernment, and eCommerce applications.

Distributed Policy Enforcement: The platform will have the capability of enforcing security policies attached to documents. In particular, it can enforce license policies on digital content and services on end-user devices, however, only in case the user has agreed on the corresponding license conditions. Hence EMSCB builds the basis for pragmatic and fair DRM solutions. Of particular interest is to adapt the concepts of fair use and first sale, which allow the private (e.g. one-time transfer) or non-profit (e.g., for educational purpose) usage of content.

Embedded Security: The platform provides a lightweight and secure environment to be used on top of embedded systems like integrated processors, mobile devices, as well as automotive platforms. The fact that legacy operating systems can be executed on top of EMSCB allows application providers to concentrate on the development of security-critical components.

Compartmented Mode Security: The security services offered by the platform allow the effective construction of securily isolated environments protecting security-critical data (e.g., confidential documents) or controlling security-critical components (e.g., smartcards).


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