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Economical Goals

The main goals of the EMSCB are motivated by technical, economical, social, and political guidelines of different flavor. In particular, the aspects of openness and multilateral security open new opportunities for enterprises to develop new and innovative applications and to flourish the IT security market.

Multilateral security: This aspect should protect the interest of end-users, and of the content providers: On the one hand it shall  protect end-users,  user data, user anonymity, and non-discrimination (to preserve the anonymity of the platform and its configuration). Further, the platform aim at providing "fair use" to securely make private copies or backup data as well as secure transfer of data to other parties ("first sale"). On the other hand, the platform shall prevent the circumvention of the license conditions if the user has already accepted them.

Using advantages of Trusted Computing Technology: Trusted computing provides many useful functionalities in hardware that, when used by an appropriate operating system, can strongly improve the security of IT systems. However, critics are concerned that through this technology vendors and content providers may gain much control over personal systems and private information. This inherent conflict between the interests and security requirements of end-users (protection of privacy and self-determination) and those of content and application providers can be avoided by a multilateral trustworthy computing platform that can guarantee a pragmatic and reasonable balance among interests of all involved parties.

Efficient portability:  The platform is not limited to desktop systems but shall also allow an efficient migration to additional devices, such as PDAs, smart phones and embedded systems and in automotive industry.

Innovative and new business models:  The open standard availability of the EMSCB core, its non-proprietary design, independent usability, free access to specifications and non-descriminative licensing contribute to more trust in the platform and its open interfaces allows developers to develop various applications for private and business areas.


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