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The Application Layer

The EMSCB security architecture offers developers the required security properties to securely realize critical applications. Moreover, legacy operating systems can be reused to provide uncritical operating system services and applications. Together with the involved companies the realization of the following applications is planned to evaluate the overall security architecture and to offer developers a basis for their own use cases:

Secure harddisk encryption for Linux: Existing harddisk encryption solutions have the disadvantage that the cryptographic key cannot be protected once the system is compromised (see, e.g.,  this article). Using the EMSCB architecture, the encryption service including all security-critical operations (e.g., user authentification and smartcard support) can be isolated from the Linux kernel and its applications.

Secure certificate management: This demonstrator will protect certificate management and cryptographic operations from the Linux environment, allowing, e.g.,  a more secure authentication of mobile employees, since malicious code that has compromised the mobile platform (e.g., because of a misconfiguration) cannot access the certificate used for authentification.

Pragmatic DRM Viewer: Based on conventional hardware including a TPM, a trusted viewer will be realized that enforces a license attached to digital content in an untrusted environment while protecting the privacy of local users.

Multi-Level Security (MLS) System: The goal of this demonstrator is, based on EMSCB, to enforce a common security policy (e.g., Bell-LaPadula) by reusing existing legacy applications. One possible application of this demonstrator is to control the flow of a confidential document within a corporated environment.

Embedded DRM: This demonstrator securely enforces a security policy attached to digital content on top of an embedded system, e.g., in an automotive environment and allows a secure realization of new business models, e.g., pay per use.


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