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New entry level model of the Sirrix.GSM CryptoGateway product family now available [01.07.2010]

Sirrix AG completes its unique product portfolio of CryptoGateways for the interconnection of mobile phones and private telephone systems by a new entry level model. The CryptoGateway interlinks tap-proof encrypted mobile phone calls with standard phone sets behind a PBX at the various sites of an enterprise. The new additionally available entry level model supports 2 simultaneous secure phone calls between mobile and fixed network participants.


TrustedGRUB in new version 1.1.3 [13.11.2007]

Sirrix AG publishes new release of the TCG-extended bootloader. The
main improvements beneath some minor bugfixes are support for GCC-4 as
well as Linux 2.6.23 (and above).

Knoppix for Trusted Computing with TPM Manager [08.11.2007]

The latest release of the Linux distribution Knoppix now supports Trusted Computing with TPM (Trusted Platform Module). Therefore the new Knoppix 5.1.1 includes the latest release of Sirrix TPM Manager to provide complete GUI control over the TPM.

New Version of TPM Manager for Linux released [17.10.2007] TPM Manager Version 0.4 is published on SourceForge. The new version includes some bug fixes and a new feature. mehr
Trusted-Computing may have prevented Chinese Trojan attack [01.09.2007] Even Government PCs aren't secure against Hacking Attacks. Striking headlines attracted attention in the media in the last days: German Government PCs hacked.German news magazine Der Spiegel claims that Chinese hackers had been able to infect German government computers with spyware by order of Chinese government. mehr
TrustedGRUB supports Xen [02.07.2007] Sirrix AG publishes new release of the TCG-extended bootloader coming with Xen support and beautified output of measurements. mehr
TrustedGRUB supports Xen [15.05.2007] Sirrix AG publishes new release of the TCG-extended bootloader coming with Xen support and beautified output of measurements. mehr
TU Dresden OS Group moves to Subversion [24.04.2007] The TU Dresden Operating Systems Group has decided to switch to the Subversion source control system. mehr
Trusted Computing Forum Launched [11.01.2007] Ruhr-University Bochum and Sirrix AG have launched a free online forum to help both professionals and private users interested in Trusted Computing to find information and share expertise. mehr
TPM Manager for Linux released [22.12.2006] Ruhr-University Bochum and Sirrix AG have developed an open source application providing an easy to use graphical user interface to manage and configure a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). mehr
Trusted Computing / Turaya Roadshow in January in four German cities [14.12.2006] From 08.01. to 12.01.2007 the research and development project EMSCB goes on journey. On tour through the four German cities Munich, Duesseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin the innovative and safety platform Turaya is introduced to an interested audience. mehr
Event: The World of Trusted Computing - Hightech in Europe [14.08.2006] From 19.-20. October 2006, the first conference "The World of Trusted Computing" is held at the German Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi), Berlin.
Generating CppUnit skeletons automatically [13.08.2006] In the context of the PERSEUS security framework, we have developed a tool that automates the generation of CppUnit tests.
[heise online] Turaya: First Demo of the Open Trusted Computing Platform [26.06.2006] Current operating systems are all more or less insecure. mehr
[PC-Magazin] Turaya: Open Source Platform for Trusted Computing [26.06.2006] The first modules of an open-source security platform supporting Trusted Computing have been published by EMSCB. mehr

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